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Pot Holder and Dish Towels Set (set of 4)

Pot Holder and Dish Towels Set (set of 4)

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These eco-friendly kitchen towels & pot holders make the perfect gift!  Made from upcycled cotton, they are large and super absorbent, making them great for drying dishes, wiping up spills, and cleaning up messes. Each are also machine washable. Set of four,  2 large towels & 2 pot holders. Order your set today and start enjoying the benefits of these eco-friendly kitchen towels!


Fun Fact: These are made with fibers that jean manufacturers and yarn mills discard as waste. The materials are given a second life, converting them into durable and beautiful new products. The waste from this set is used by coffee growers as a natural compost, returning to the earth and continuing the cycle. 

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